“We at VAI strive to achieve excellence through the professionalism we exhibit, which is greatly enhanced through thoughtful alliance. The unique synergies that have resulted from collaborating with companies of like goals and complementary strengths have proven invaluable to our Clients. We are true advocates of collaboration, as evident by the exemplary results achieved on many successful projects.”

Our office has found that the synergies resulting from strategic collaboration have repeatedly provided tremendous value to our clients. We have worked with some of the nation’s leading designers on innovative and often first-of-their-kind projects integrating the latest practices and technologies in the areas of education, health care, research, transportation, and more.  We strive to foster cooperative working relationships that are respectful of individual authority and responsibility.  In doing so, we’ve consistently delivered well-designed and coordinated projects on time and within budget.

Working in strategic collaboration, VAI has served as Lead Architect-of-Record on notable projects exceeding $100M in value.  We’ve also collaborated in the capacity of Associate Architect with other lead professionals in advancing initial design concepts into high quality CAD/BIM technical construction documentation.  Considering our leadership’s unique expertise with both design and construction, we are proud to have earned a favorable reputation among fellow designers and construction contractors for producing exceptional quality CAD/BIM technical construction documentation.  Our QA/QC processes continue to provide tremendous benefit to our strategic allies through our continual involvement and peer-level review for design clarity, completeness, compliance, and constructability.